Leak Tester Machine

The apparatus examines potential leaks in closed container types, such as in car headlights, gas tanks, plastic pipes and other items that used in industry. Using this machine, we may perform three different functions:

  1. puncture test: In this test, the test piece is immersed in water; and up to 100 m bar air is compressed into the piece. The sample will be observing by user for bubbles formed in the water tank through specific time.
  2. +50 mbar leak test: In this test, compressed air up to 50 mg is compressed into the piece, and the dropped pressure shall be measured in defined time period.
  3. -50 mbar leak test: In this test, the air present in the test piece is sucked out using a vacuum pump to evacuate -50 mbar and at a time, the dropped pressure shall be measured.

Technical Specifications:
Voltage: 220V
Power: 5 W
Carefully read the pressure: 1 mbar
Control system: PLC. Logo
Programmable: Yes
Maximum dimensions: 1000x500x600 (height x width x length)
Weight: 90 kg