Torque measuring machine

Pneumatic torque measuring machine is capable of administering very high radial torsion in rubber parts, and providing accurate readings of the torque rate resulted by torsion. The apparatus can be utilized by various industries, especially industries that supply rubber parts, as well as other general industries that need to measure the torque based on rotation angle. Network connectivity and communication with computer software are some of its advantages.

Technical Specifications:
 Force range: 0.1 - 250kg
The rotation angle: ° 40 ±
Accuracy of torque reading:% 0.05 Max
Accuracy of motion reading: ° 0.1 ±
The minimum and maximum working pressure: 0.1 - 6 Bar
Voltage: 220v
Weight: 40.5kg
Maximum dimensions: 350x550x1000
Control system: MPAG-PLC