Mirrors durability and performance testing machine

The device tests available joints of a car’s mirror so that in addition to the measurement of joint rotation torque, the durability of mirror’s structure can be tested. By changing the fixture a wide range of mirrors or their metallic structure can be tested. One of the benefits of this system is that the set times can be adjusted electronically and through the embedded software. Accuracy in readings of the force, portability, and quick installation are among some of the other advantages of this machine.
Technical specifications:
Torque range: 0.1 - 30N / m
Rotation angle: ° 180
Accuracy of torque readings:% 0.05 Max
The minimum and maximum working pressure: 2 - 6 Bar
Voltage: 220v
Weight: 56.5kg
Maximum dimensions: 350x550x1000
Control system: MPAG-PLC